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Neal Parks


I draw with paint. My principal medium is oil paint stick on canvas. I create with a technique that I refer to as "abstract caligraphic mark making", (aka: scribbling). In the time intensive, seemingly chaotic mesh of line work I merge elemntal forms in an overall sense of atmospheric light & space.

I grew up in Woodstock, CT. I have been a practicing professional artiste since 1984, when I finished undergraduate fine art studies at Pratt. In 1993 I recieved an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. I have lived in various locales around the US and Easthampton is now my home base. I am currently an adjunct visual arts prof at Eastern CT S U.

The highlights of my career have consitently been about connecting with viewers in the various viewing contexts I have been involved with, from studio visits to exhibiton spaces. In addition, finding good homes for my art is also important to me - whether it be large scale commissions for corporate settings, or a post card that is displayed on a fridge in a private residence. Art needs to be seen.