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Stone Soup Concrete

bringing concrete in from the cold

Concrete is an essential part of our world. Modernity wouldn´t be so without it. At Stone Soup, we are bringing concrete in from the cold. Fusing metal and stone, structural strength with a tactile softness, the concrete we make can cement disparate elements into fully human and humane design.

Stone Soup grew out of the construction company Mike Paulsen & Mike Karmody co-founded to test Mike Paulsen´s patented Task toolbelt system design in the workplace. The toolbelt system was fully modular and allowed crews to work fluidly and creatively with each other. Both Karmody & Paulsen had a keen interest in materials, and were working on structures of considerable complexity; architectural duplication of ruined steeples was one of their specialties. So they were not surprised when concrete took their interest with the force of the history it represents. Thus Stone Soup Concrete was born. Nearly a decade later Greg Bossie joined Stone Soup from a background in architecture and design in California to help continue growth in new bold directions.