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Catherine Gamble

artist/color consultatant

I invite you to come to my work as a sensory experience in paint and color. Like a fragrance, it may bring memories, an atmosphere, a story. An early career in theatre in Boston introduced me to lighting design and the language and expressiveness of light and color. Ten years later I relocated to British Columbia where I started painting in the late 70's, I saw and touched a subtle language and depth of personal process... I am in the paint and on the surface and in the act of the energetic communication. I am concerned with layers, both literal and metaphorical. Layers of color, layers of experience, and how the past comes through to color the present. I experiment with various formats, furniture, canvas and board. Building layers and playing on the cumulative surface. Releasing the mind and the rationale of subject, I am remembering the ancient language and primal movement. I work from the heart and the joy of paint and color.