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Kat Good-Schiff

My poems are often traditional lyrics that explore sometimes-unusual content. Topics and areas of interest include fresh takes on place & nature, gender & sexuality, love & longing. Much of my fiction verges on the speculative, examining the known world through the lens of the fantastic. I also collaborate with visual artists on collage books and greeting cards.

Kat Good-Schiff received her MFA in writing from Goddard College. She has edited Goddard's Pitkin Review and several non-profit newsletters. Her poems and short prose have been published in various journals including PANK, Kalliope, Quay, and The Equinox. She has been an editorial assistant at Quale Press and currently works in non-profit communications. Born in Maine, she grew up in the ecotone between country and city outside of Philadelphia, a landscape of contrasts that shaped her consciousness and caused her to appreciate the cultural and natural heritage of New England.

Second chapbook "Curl," finalist for the Robin Becker Chapbook Prize, currently seeking a publisher. First chapbook "East of North" (published as a zine) available at