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Laura Radwell


Visually intoxicated by a myriad of details often overlooked, I photograph peeling paint, crumbling cement, rust, panes of dirty glass, machinery parts, aspects of the landscape and architectural elements. The photographs become the palette, the “pigments” I work with to create new images. Through a process of Isolation, deconstruction and reconstruction, transformation occurs and habitual perception is altered. Colors, surfaces, lines, intersections in nature and in the built environment morph. Leaving behind their original identity and taking on a different, often less literal iteration, birch bark, manhole covers, trash cans, footprints, pollen dust and abandoned tire piles are forever changed. At times, the work explores the encounter between image and text, each changed by the other. Common to all pieces is the creation of something imagined out of something real, which invites reflection on the in-between and neglected spaces of our world.