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Jessica Berger


Thank you for visiting the Easthampton City Arts website and for checking out my page. My vision has always been to create that which is needed in the moment. This frees me to embrace the creative process in any medium that answers this call. I have always been a writer first, but also work in sculpture, dance, comics, voice recordings, and fiber arts. Through art everything is possible: I am enchanted by art's ability to uplift, inform, heal, transform, inspire and beautify the world community. Through this work, I wish to raise awareness about the fact that child slaves in the Congo mine the metals used in our i-phones and computers, and to demonstrate that we have the power, through our choices and voices, to set these people free.

Right now I am working on an online comics blog, a companion to my latest work called "Convent Contraceptives". Read about it and have a laugh on me at It is very exciting to witness MegaMaiden Ink publishing blossom. And it is a privilege to live in a time when it is completely possible to transform your own personal moxie into meaningful work that can be accessed locally and globally.

1. The book launch for "Convent Contraceptives" held at White Square Books in Easthampton by the gracious Eileen Corbeil. 2. Participating in a book talk at Holyoke Community College for "The RelaxAbility Handbook" 3. Receiving the honor of being included in the 5 College Film Festival for my dance performance and choreography for the film, "Return" directed by Amanda Judd. 4. Showing my sculpture on Newbury Street in Boston 5. Learning that my relaxation CD's are selling in England, Ireland, Australia and Canada 6. Discovering that by writing 'The RelaxAbility Handbook', I have been able to empower numerous people with tools to successfully, and safel, cope with serious stress.