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Karen Iglehart

landscape referenced abstractions, color

KAREN IGLEHART My paintings reside in a space between landscape and abstraction. Impressions of places are expressed through reference to landscape, without the literal aspect of specific details. Impressions of mood, weather, atmosphere and space of particular places are manifested through the use of line, color, and scale. I want the viewer to find his/her own space in my paintings. to experience a sense of personal place not defined or explained for them. Since I have lived in, and experienced, many varied environments, this is an aspect of my work that makes it personal and expressive. I work in oil, and recently have been including pencil or linear brush marks. I work in layers of color, letting each dry before continuing to the next, therefore I need to work in my studio. I sketch outside and paint indoors. An important part of this process is observing what is happening on the canvas …to be aware of when to leave a mark, or area, for the time being, and to respond to the painting as it evolves. I start with an image and feeling of a place, and work with these ideas as they evolve until the painting seems finished. Often I will go back to a painting after letting it “live” in my studio for a while. I am trying to balance the quality of immediacy with the process of discriminating thought. If you have any questions, would like to see other paintings, a resume, or a price list, please feel free to contact me

Have lived in Louisiana, Colorado, Nova Scotia and Western Massachusetts.The geographical differences of the locations have contributed to my awareness and appreciation of space,sky, weather, light, what is unique about a particular area. Please contact me for detailed resume.

Have shown in professional galleries in Boston, New Orleans, Taos, Denver, San Francisco. Have been included in Juried and Invitational Shows. Boston Museum of Fine art Auction 2016. Contact me for full resume.