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Jane Morrison

Portraits/ Caricatures, Murals, Painting, Collage/ mixed media

I heard it said, there are two important things in life- love and work. For me, both these things began at home- making my siblings sit for hours while I sketched their portraits (truly, they suffered for my art). Then portraits grew into houses, with flowers, apple trees, and rainbows- all of life a fantasy keeping me safe as long as I captured it in brilliant colors. As I grew my art changed- absorbing and reflecting all my living; the chaos, beauty, loneliness, and light. My travels to exotic lands, and years in Greece have become a springboard from which I jump; knowing love, rage, despair, have only made me better, bigger. And because I continually contemplate the work of other artists- I now have become bold. If I want, I can glue a pair of dice into my painting- or write the Greek alphabet across a purple sky, then hang pink shoe-laces from the end of the omegha. I can- and I do.

B.A. in Studio Art/Smith College;1988. M.A. in Theology and the Arts(Sacred Dance)Pacific School of Religion;1998. Mass.Teacher's Certification in Visual Arts/Westfield State College; 2001. Elementary Art Teacher in Westfield Public Schools; 2003-09. Caricature and Portrait Artist at Town and Country Fairs, Festivals, and special events; 1985-present. Lived and worked as artist/teacher on Greek Island of Mykonos; 1989-1991. Shipboard Artist on Greek Cruise Lines: (various cruises between 1988-1995).