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Hackworth School of Performing Arts

School of Performing Arts

We strive to give your child the happiest and healthiest learning experience and the very best quality training in the dance field. As educators and role models we believe it is our responsibility not only to teach dance, but to inspire and exemplify hope for the future. We want to ecourage each child to feel good about him or her self. We believe that teaching with a positive and encouraging attitiude brings many rewards, not only in providing healthy exercise, but also in teaching discipline, dedication and self motivation. Dancing helps build confidence, character and a sense of self worth. Each child who has an opportunity to perform on stage, exibits not only talent but courage, persistance and perseverence. Dance allows your childern to express their creativity and emotion and most importantly, it gives them a challenging goal towards which to work and a sense of accomplishment of which they can be proud. These attributes, when developed, can lead to a lifetime of success in all areas of their life.

Our reputation over the past 74 years has been built upon our tender loving care policy and working together as a family. It is a tradition of excellence passed down through three generations!

We offer many forms of dance classes ranging from Ballet-Hip Hop. We have classes for ages 2.9 through adult. We also have Theater Classes and Voice Lessons.