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Prepare to Soar Higher

Working alongside illustrator Theo Black in the Arts & Industry building in Easthampton, Massachusetts, Curt Hayden is excited to bring engaging new solutions in new and traditional media.

Skytemple is a web creative company in the Pioneer Valley with something special. At the core of our design philosophy is an important element: you. The particular goals and ideas that your company presents are unique – and the solutions should be, too. The friendly and adaptable Skytemple approach has helped to establish strong rapport, as well as recognition over more than seven years of business. We are very excited about design, and eager to share a vision for your site's realization.

All art is a collaboration of some nature, and every commission is a partnership. Curt Hayden has enjoyed a rich and thrilling history crafting interactive visual media alongside a number of recognized and acclaimed local artists. Here are just a few of his creative local clients. Holly Black, author of The Spiderwick Chronicles, Tithe, Valiant, Ironside and more. Edward Bartók-Baratta, local Northampton-based poet and musician. Andrea Hairston, founder of Chrysalis Theater, and author of Mindscape. Kira Morrell, local artist and owner of Create Art Studios in Eastworks.