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Gina Duffy

simple, yet unforgettable

Deep within the soul, there is a need to create. An opportunity, removed from the face of reality sustains freedom through the stroke of a brush. The canvas becomes an extraordinary place where the impossible becomes possible.

Originally from New York, I have lived and loved The Pioneer Valley for over 22 years. The culture, the people and the beautiful surroundings have provided an unspoiled serenity that inspires many exquisite images for my artwork. Before beginning to draw or paint, time is set aside to meditate, allowing peace and tranquility to surround my thoughts, and inspire the creativity within me. The theme of my work is peaceful and tranquil, appealing to the goodness within us. Landscapes, Florals, and still life’s are a few of the diverse subject matters contained in the repertoire. The work focuses on capturing the radiance of light and demonstrating the subtle movement from light to dark to suggest volume.

1.To create unforgettable compositions that are peaceful, tranquil, and appealing to the observer. 2.Skillfully strengthening my artistic talent, while mastering techniques in Oils, Charcoal, Soft Pastel, Watercolors. 3.The focus will be on creating a sense of balance in scale, shape, value, and stimulating color energies