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Daniel A Rosen

I am inspired by nature, not just for its aestetic beauty, but for its language. One of the languages that nature speaks to us through is mathamatics, a language of symbols. This sacred geometry is found permiating all of life, from the structure of our DNA to the symmetry found in flowers, to the most ancient of sea creatures. This same language of numbers and symbols can also be translated in to music. The vibrations created when making music effect our electromagnetic bodies in different ways. As a musician, I aim to play music that literally creates a possitive vibration for people to feel and enjoy. As a glass artist I often feel like an alchemist. I melt down the cold glass w/ an oxy-propane gass mix on a torch. Then I color the glass, blow and shape it and finally aneel it in a kiln at about 1100 degrees. My work ranges from functional art, goblets, oil lamps, to abstract sculpture, fantasy-world themes, marbles and jewelery. My calling has been to create art and make music. Playing music, especially singing has been so essential in my life. It is my most powerful mode of expression. In the begining was the word, and we as custodians of the word have a sacred responsibility to use our tools which we have been so graciously granted. Music inspires and influences my glasswork, and glass blowing is like a meditation for me, in turn inspiring my music.

It is my nature to create. I am a lampworker, percussionist, reggae DJ, and vocalist. I am currently the percussionist for The5thpocket, an afro-breakbeat-dance music band. Also check out and for music downloads. I am also part of a collective of glass artisans in the Pioneer Valley (Glass Roots of the Valley). Coming Soon.... we will be opening a new studio where we will offer lessons and various workshops. The web site is under construction, thanks for your patience.

I have worked in glass with Lynn Latimer, Bandu Dunham, Sally Prash, Jerry Kelly, Gray Collins, The Snow Farm Crew, Raj K, Julie Denton, Wess Flemming and many other notable artisans. I am currently touring with (the5thpocket)and I am also working on recording a reggae album as the featured vocalist. I hope you enjoy my work!!! Expect more exciting and inspiring art and music in the near future.