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Annie M Steiner

oil, pastel, and colored pencil paintings

My work is an expression of my personality and outlook on life. The aim is to translate my joy of living into a 2 dimensional form, sharing with other people the peace I experience by painting and drawing, creating the most colorful, joyful, and mind-opening artwork. I enjoy experimenting with different media, using colored pencils, pastels, or oils, depending on my subjects. My style has evolved over the years into impressionism. I like the viewer to feel the wind in the trees, the movement of cloth blown by fresh air, the softness of a catís fur. Although I use wide strokes for my backgrounds I revel in showing details. This gets me into a meditation that leads me to total inner peace. I love playing with light and perspective. Some of my colored pencils drawings have taken me up to 6 months to complete. I use paint sticks, traditional oils, palette knives as well as brushes. Sometimes I use a combination of all of the above to achieve the desired effect. I spend infinite care executing my paintings. I was born and educated in Belgium. I studied decorative arts and advertising. Moved to the USA with my husband and children 30 years ago.

Born and educated in Belgium, now US citizen living and working in Massachusetts.

Background: fine art, advertising, coat of Arms illustration, graphic arts and B&B innkeeper.