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Erin Mcelroy

Primarily, I take candid photographs of people and environments that I experience in my day-to-day life, and then transfer them as black and white images onto wooden canvases constructed of found scrap wood. I later paint upon these with oils. The images that I transfer into my paintings, as well as the way that I integrate them into the surfaces, reflect of my attempts to find a sort of unity amongst macro- and microcosmic hypocrisy. Even the physicality and construction of the surfaces encompass such an attempt. Additionally the paint and the manner in which I apply it is ruminative of this process. The images themselves are of both environments and people. The environments contain mostly human-made structures or birds, often suggesting an absence of people. The people are both of close friends and complete strangers. It does not matter so much to the work who the people are, as the images are taken based upon a certain expressed mien, one often invoking a synchronous sense of isolation and connection to the surrounding environment. I suppose that I pick these moments of expression because they describe my own feelings of concurrent confusion and hope regarding my relationship with the world. In a sense, all of the images of people and terrains that I use are reflections of myself. I can only hope that through sharing these transferred and reworked expressions, that I am partaking in the intrinsically human process of attempting to reveal the deepest part of myself. I can only dream that this human process will, and is, playing a role, subtle as it may be, in shaping the world that I live in.

Erin McElroy, (born 1982), is a photo artist, primarily from Wilmington, Delaware, and currently residing in Easthampton, Massachusetts. She has studied at Delaware College of Art and Design, New York University, and Hampshire College. She has had several Northeast exhibits, and has also been published in a handful online zines and galleries. She creates both color photo prints and black and white photo-oil transfer pieces. As a whole, her work seeks to express a beautifully fragile aspect of humanity, one witnessed in her own day-to-day life. The shots are all candid, and are primarily all taken from within her neighborhood and surrounding area. The pieces attempt to transcend into a more universal and contemporary aesthetical atmosphere despite their locativeness, and in the end, inevitably delineate her own inner/outer psychology. i also do webdesign and color photography. check out my site if you're interested!