Who can't relate to reuse? Knack: The Art of Clever Reusea new store and makerspace that has opened in Eastworks will make you look at upcycling in an entirely new color! Learn a bit more about Knack and the two crafty women (Amber & Macey) who are making Knack a reality.

What and Who is Knack in a nutshell?

Knack: The Art of Clever Reuse is a unique creative reuse center run by two ambitious & crafty women. Knack has three fun components:
1) you can donate & shop for traditional and alternative arts & craft supplies
2) you can take classes & workshops, plan birthday parties or craft nights, or just drop in to learn more about upcycling
3) you can buy/sell local art, jewelry & home goods made from 75% recycled/reused materials.

How did you become interested in Reuse/upcycled goodness?

Both of us love the creative challenge of making something new, useful and beautiful out of something old. We’ve always been crafty, and tend to find inspiration in our own garages, recycling bins, or on the side of the road.

Insofar, what is the most amazing item you have used to transform into something else?

Oh, do we have to pick just one?! We think the old, ugly 80s dresser that we transformed into a check-out counter is pretty darn cool (we added a painted aqua door for the top, random, beautiful knobs for the drawers, paint cans for legs, and a nice coat of chalkboard paint -- come see it!)

How does the environment play into all of this?

We're encouraging people to rethink things they might have previously thrown away -- ask yourself, "What could I (or someone else!) do with that?" Chances are, we can figure out something!


We met in Easthampton as new moms 10 years ago and have always loved the feel of this town. The commitment to the arts, the reasonable rent & the welcoming community sealed the deal!

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